Friday, March 6, 2009

Sickie Camilla? Or just manipulative?

Camilla wrapped up with tenderness

I recently updated my living room and, while doing so, moved things around. One thing, a favorite little blue bench, was taken upstairs. I substituted a higher table, and so on.

Yesterday morning, she greeted me by throwing up, then wouldn't eat or drink. I was worried about my little loved one, so spent all morning nurturing, talking, holding. Gradually, I moved everything back the way it was. She quickly got over her malady, while I felt drained from worry.

Tomorrow, I leave for Mexico--a dance retreat--and a friend is taking care of her every day. With things in place, I imagine Camilla will be just fine. Does she remind you of a child, or husband, feigning illness to get her/his way?
Me too!

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