Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fur, sketching, photos...

Why is Camilla so captivating? Because when you come right down to it, Camilla is the perfect form. A series of ovals, really. So I keep trying to capture her different positions in quick, but painful, sketchs with a lot of erasures...but then she moves.
But yesterday, she zonked out long enough to get draw her at this odd angle, with the back end very close to the sketch pad, and her tail hanging onto it!

This is what you can do to have fun after working 30 years! So, look forward to it! Oh, then the camera just shot itself in the fur!

Quickly, Camilla recovered her dignity to look out the window at the birds again. So close, close enough to be friends, but then held
at bay by the screen.

Then, back to the the round table, which
we share in hot weather. Camilla, you don't have to do or say anything. With your simple presence, you nuture and sustain me!


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Denee Barr Art News and More said...

We like the sketches and we like Camilla's photos too....We continue to enjoy!