Monday, June 28, 2010

From the Camillian point of view...

...or would it be Camilla-ian? Don't know; she doesn't care. From her point of view on the table or on the blue bench or under it, if you accept the idea of some over-riding, embracing universal force and call it something, label it and make it yours and form communities of beings who share similar feelings or beliefs (e.g. Earth Mother, god or God, and on and on in history) then you must must accept the slug as your fellow traveler through space and time. In her wordless way, through a nod or purr, she would call the fellow slug, simply beautiful. And you?

What Madame Camilla has quietly documented from her thoughtful perch, or looking out that back door in the spring and summer months: The slugs arrive first and are the last to leave, the gleaners, before the ants arrive...They get out of the way for others who might step on them or (what?) eat them. Look here at those wonderful feelers and that graceful slimy slithering movement! Do you accept this, or recoil from it? Actually, Camilla doesn't care. She just IS.

And you? Have a wonderful day!

Kay Weeks
June 28, 2010


lberglun1 said...

It's beautiful...I accept it and am reminded of the banana slugs in the Pacific Northwest =^..^=

Kaye Reid said...

Get out the salt.

Danielle Woermann said...

they are ok but eat my flowers. It's ok, I share.