Friday, August 27, 2010

Camilla Brightens Up! Am I Next?

When I fired up my Buddha this morning, I ignited a votive candle in a tall tea-cup as well, and, you know what? It wasn't great art, but moving things around changed my perspective, at least momentarily, about this forthcoming move from the Historic Ellicott City apartment I call home. THEN...I got a brief smile out of Camilla today as she went for the feather on a stick: I am watching her closely for cues. Where do we go? Do we really want a smaller 1840 apartment across the river and into the a place that is smaller and costs more?

I was sure, then not sure, then sure, now...negotiate or give in, or just go and let it go?

Just to say that apartment hunting is something Camilla has never done, and I dislike...especially on a time line when it is not mine. So, I am here and there and also neither here nor there, but at home in my heart, always with Camilla.

Camilla, I return to you again and again, and I know this too, will end, but not now. What did you say? Be myself...OK. Here goes!

Have funky fun,until it's done!
Life, you know what I mean!

Eyes ahead; head on straight. It's never too late to finish your race! Write a few poems, create some paintings, and self portraits, whatever you think it means, that's what it is. So, what is it?

Now, have a good day!
Kay on August 27, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Good news; I found a new home! KW