Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Brown SPIDER (a sonnet)

I'm counting legs against a neutral wall;

He hasn't moved now for an hour or more;
With body brown and long, he looks so tall;
I grip my pen; he holds his place most sure.

Is this a standoff? Will he win or lose?
I'd never kill before the sun is up!
Imagine him all dressed and wearing shoes;
He'd drink my coffee, savoring each sip!

Back to counting legs; it looks like seven.
Asymmetry in brown with poise and grace.
If I squash him, will I go to heaven?
Or would he rise to look me in the face?

I'll let him be and greet the sun in time:
For everything, I'm his and he is mine.

8.30.10 in Seattle

Kay Weeks

1 comment:

Kay Weeks said...

I have to amend that line about not illing before sunrise. The stink bugs are at infestation level here, just now, in September, 2010. I vacuum them with a long hose...from walls, curtains, the ceiling. I am a virtual killing machine and not proud of it...but...