Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cozy in a Box

Camilla senses something is different...many things, actually. Every day her interior backdrop is diminished as I take boxes to the new place. Now, it looks much better than my current one. And so it goes. Then, she surprises me by cuddling up in a box and sleeping.

The other night, when I put a yoga blanket on the living room floor (since the rug is now gone), she chased a pencil around on it, skidding and diving, and I could tell she was having fun!

Thanks, Camilla, for adding your light touch to this November time. Always, make me smile. When I took the shades up the hill to my new digs, I needed some substitute pasted pages from a calendar and added one of my little paintings of Camilla. It works. One has to be practical amid the chaos, yes?


1 comment:

Caroline Gill said...

Such bittersweet posts, Kay. Camilla is such a star, though.