Monday, January 24, 2011

January--Camilla is Everywhere!

So, is Camilla settled? You bet!
Just take a look.

She can be found on just about every surface. No shy kitty, this one!

She picks soft, warm, cozy...sometimes.
It's the aesthetic, she purrs...

I like grays, soft shades, soothing sounds.

...but I also like structured...such as watching pages print on the wood computer table.

Short and sweet:
That's my girl.
Fits in anywhere I am!

Kay Weeks

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Retired Knitter said...

She is a beautiful cat. I once had a gray cat. His name was Gandolf the Gray - like in Lord of the Rings. I probably spelled the name wrong. My husband says I always do. But I called him Gandy and he was my baby. In fact I just posted a piece on my cats - Gandy is now gone, but he was one of 4 cats at the time and we had an oil painting done of them. You can see my gray sweet heart there.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your cat.