Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summertime...and the livin'...

 ...not lyrics easy, but sure better than two weeks ago! Camilla has had a room mate now for about a month…not sure…but with some stepped changes, they seem to have reached “détente.” I feed them simultaneously, but Camilla is on a table; Jacuzzi is on the floor. They keep an eye on each other, then dine without any issues.

Of course, it may be the heat that has helped to quench their hisses (Camilla still does it…a continuous boundary thing; it seemed softer today, more like a reminder).  Even with the air conditioning on, they were together in my room in a state of grace:

Camilla up a little higher on the chest of drawers and Jacuzzi, amazing, on my bed, looking at Camilla. It might have been affection. You think?  OK, I don't either...

Camilla gets this pouty look…it may just be her Teddy-Bear face and ears--the typical British Short Hair demeanor. So, I re-assure her that SHE is Queen and will sleep in my bed tonight, while Jacuzzi will be sent to the scullery…I mean, just off the bed.  We have to keep our priorities straight here.

Then, this was such an exciting development in their relationship. Jacuzzi was on the bed with me while I was watching the Belmont Stakes; Camilla actually turned her back.  Interpretation:  Trust...or who cares?

Camilla, relaxed in the presence of Jacuzzi. Below: Jacuzzi, ditto relaxed.

Enough!  The photos say it all…Bottom line--they were  at peace, and we were together. For a moment, anyway, it felt like FAMILY! Good enough for me!

Blog content/photos: Kay Weeks
June 11, 2011


Anonymous said...

great blog, kay...i'm happy the felines are becoming "friends"! jacuzzi looks sweet, too.

Sharon Crain
Catonsville, MD

Anonymous said...

loved the photos and the commentary. thanks.

ciao, lora

Lora Robertson
Seattle, Washington

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wary acceptance that is becoming more relaxed - and not worrisome. Mary B

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful kitties you have. I watched the cat show on Animal Planet last night for want of anything else, and it was so enjoyable to see how the "cat man" taught the people who were having trouble to do the right things for each kind of cat. One guy was roughhousing with his cat and wondered why the cat hissed, clawed and bit. The cat guy told him that was because the cat thought the owner was a rottweiler. Made me laugh. He said there are two kinds of needs to survey the world from up high and the other needs to be grounded. Fascinating stuff. I watch the outside cats across the street, and they get what they need by climbing up on the roof for their imperial views.

Kaye Reid
CA and PA

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the cats will never like each other. They will just be coping.

Have a great day.

Bob F.
San Diego, CA

Caroline Gill said...

The saga continues and I wait with anticipation for the next development! We had a dog and a cat in a similar situation when I was growing up ... in the end the dog took charge of the outside, chasing the cat up trees etc. - and the cat became queen of her castle, grabbing the laps and velvet cushions for herself, and keeping a 'southpaw' at the ready.