Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We change with the seasons...

This is a brief introduction to my newly re-configured and re-titled blog, "how we feel."  Not just how we feel about our cats--and each other--but more about how we are feeling about ourselves in re/ to all. Not sure. Many of the older cat features remain. There is a new masthead, suggesting a WE rather than a cat, but our cats have feelings, for sure. Connections...

I realized by going through "older posts" that this blog, as opposed to the blog about Ellicott City Historic District, has always included poetry, drawings, and paintings. So why did I think re-titling it was such a departure?  We go back to self, always, in my view, looking for some new level of authenticity--the real self.  How do we feel?

Serendipity. In a similar vein, while searching my poetry docs. looking for a Thanksgiving poem, I inadvertently stumbled upon this sonnet, so will follow the universe, the "whatever," and post it here.

The change--my invitation is this:  If you write, draw, or paint and would like to share some of your art, or a poem--from time to time--please send it to me. Very informal, very mellow. Not my personality, alas, the mellow, but I wish it were. Winter will soon be upon us. I, for one, will enjoy the enhanced views through skeletal branches, in nearby canyons. But, below, is that burst of Spring that will follow.

Surprise Me, Please! (Sonnet)

We can’t give any more than what we know,
Yet I keep asking people to surprise
With something new, some juicy blow by blow
To jog my brain, propel me out of lies.

Slack-jawed-to-boring melodies I’ve heard
Not once, but never-ending in my mind;
So deadly are these tunes and every word,
I’m comatose by noon, become unkind.

What do you know, and how much can you give?
Is pain what closes doors and takes the key?
My meager brain fills up, runs out, a sieve
That catches meaning, seeps into the sea.

Tell me what you know and I likewise
Will try to tell you--let me close my eyes.

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Posted, & Feeling it on 11.8.11

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