Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moon-Sister (Poem)

Moon rising, Rehoboth Beach, DE.


My days take their cue
from the moon’s change:
Looking up, then out,
the sea pulls back
a hair’s breadth, then
withdraws to leave dry sand.

Moon wobble, Ellicott City, MD.
But while tide-beds
revive from playing dead,
I don’t come back alive;
You know—the doubt.
O my dear one!
I see in your shrink and grow
my own mutable self,
my fickle ebb and flow.
Perhaps at hand now,
something beyond you,
my body and mind spiraling
in the same spin
that holds things together.

Moon descending...light through trees.

Far beneath the skin,
my sad-blue colors change;
I feel an evenness to events,
only a faint wavering of purpose.
Undertow is unknown.
All is exposed to the hard bite of life.

Moon-sister, on high only in the mind,
I am at peace in my green dance.

Kay Weeks, c. 1972, Revised, 9.09, and 12.27.11

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