Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gray January Morning

Gray January Morning

For Margaret Scott

Gray day,
so sad and asking,

akin to winter thoughts,

but also a kind of cat-soft joy--

Let your intermittent rain

slowly stroke--perhaps to bend

into touch--even two

of those long-legged
seeking grasses, 
the ones always standing alone,

or still others grouped quietly

in small whispering communities,
until just now,

when I held them for a moment

in my camera-eye,

and they seemed to see me,

nodding in unison,

perhaps in agreement,

when, blown to left 
by some sudden

colder gust

and, as if closing
to possibility,
went back to their own,

gently let me go.

Kay Weeks on 1.12.12


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay your new photos on the blog and have such a unique way with words, such an inspiration.....I would love to think like that, so spontaneously....great!

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

love this one, kay!
the words elicit a soft visceral response. Even your "layout" of the white space speaks.
and that pic of you mirrored in the're elusive. it leaves one wishing you would move closer to the lens! :)

Sharon Crain
Catonsville, MD

Anonymous said...


Anne Grimmer
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

For a while I had no way to open this...... finally succeeded....Your poetic feelings and photos melt softly.

Trudy Sundberg
Whidbey Island, WA

Caroline Gill said...

Another layered piece, Kay, in which we see not only the stalks but also the gaps through which the wind blows. Wonderful photos, too.