Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday Together (Sonnet)

If yesterday continued, what a joy...

If yesterday continued, what a joy
to navigate more minutes—our canoe!
And think of time benignly as a toy,
that me-to-him-to-me-to-her-to-you.


My train to home is rocking back and forth,
I walk the edge of sleep, but hanging here…
Held by clouds, these thoughts hold summit worth,
and feelings roll along without “that fear.”

Our destinations separate by tracks,
but only on some shallow, finite scale --
The topographic views support our backs;
our breathing carves a deep and lasting trail.

Family time is now, but less than glue.

We’re caught somewhere between and know it’s true.

Kay Weeks on 5.30.12
Back home in Ellicott City Historic District, Maryland

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Thanks to Lora Robertson, Caroline Gill, and my friends in the Walk Group for commenting on this sonnet.