Thursday, November 15, 2012

Missed the Crescent Moon (Sonnet)

I recently learned that I will probably have to move from this wonderful Carriage House on the hill. At first I accepted it and began to explore new places. I will again, of course, but this morning in the gray and chilly weather, the overall mood prompted this verse. I decided to break up the stanzas of my Sonnet into four acts--a play-like structure--to denote the lapse of time in this pensive, but creative, state.  The sadness will pass, I am sure.

Act I    Dark, but awake 

Missed the crescent moon; I’ll tell you why: 
My heart just turned the corner on her joy;
Explication, sure—instead I lie; 
I’m one with talking winds, that age-old ploy. 

Act II    Inside and outside 

Trees repeat my gloom, their spindly game; 
I’m glued to music, art—romantic love, 
When suddenly I jump the tears, the frame; 
Leap into life and see the first gray dove. 

Act III    A little later 

Digression rules my hours, I overlook 
Small tasks that hooked my day on something real; 
Standing near the stove, its mouth that cooks, 
Yet I’m the soulful stomach, nix the meal.  

Act IV  Next night, repeats...

Can’t get my arms around the chilly air;
I feel it grimly moving; don’t know where. 

Kay Weeks, poem and photos
November 15, 2012

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