Tuesday, February 26, 2013

London and the day-long tour...

 The British Museum!

I saw this runner after a cab ride to Tate Modern.

Montague Hotel chandeliers.

Another street view out a cab window. What fun!

This man  seems overpowered by the shadow.

Tate Modern...with view of the bookstore.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath....by Coach.  Review published by Viator.

Cold at Stonehenge. So many people--very quiet.

This coach tour was perfect in every way.  Of course, Stonehenge had to be the highlight for me...that sense of time and the wind whistling out there in an empty field...the crows. I did not use the audio, but preferred to let the stones speak to me. Our guide had given us ample information about their history and meaning.

Great interpretation of archeological remains.

Bath was wonderful as well, with its Roman influence: I wanted to stay and savor it a little longer.

One view of the enormous castle, with mossy stone.

I have visited Edinburgh so know the dual role of a castle as military fortification and a residential palace, and its additive nature over time. The exterior was more compelling for me.

The view from the rampart was stunning on a cold and misty day...most people wearing black. This young woman was talking on her cell phone, providing--in my view--a fascinating intersection of past and present.

It was hard to believe he was real--so still.

This short feature is dedicated to my friend, April Baer, who gave me the initial idea for this trip to London; found the cozy and elegant Hotel; and helped make arrangements for a Classic Single. I will never forget the experience in London and beyond...and Room 304 in the Montague Hotel. Thanks, April!

Now, I want to thank Wendy Webb, who led me on a 4-mile walk into significant portions of London! And Caroline and David Gill for meeting us at the British Museum. Unforgettable!

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On February 26, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! SO glad you did Bath! I'll never forget the baths, and the "back to the past" reality of it all! - - - Obviously an amazing trip!

Congrats! Pat Watson