Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day & Night at Green Lake (Haiku Series)


Down at that green lake,

two geese sent a soft greeting,

but we missed intent.


When did you first know

we would continue as friends?

Did my smile tell you?


“What’s in it for me?” 

“Nothing, really—and for you?”

Silence, each…you smiled.

Looking up, then down,

I sensed possibilities-- 


Grass-dotted blankets

with bold lovers embracing.

Oh look! A striped cat!

That star you pulled down

blossomed into pink flowers!

Let's dance until dawn.

Kay Weeks

All of these photos were taken at Lake Centennial
in Columbia, Maryland --A public, community lake
that draws people in to walk, picnic, talk, boat, and
watch birds most of the year. I have been there in the snow. 


1 comment:

Caroline Gill said...

A snow flurry of special moments, Kay! And, of course, the blossom on the tree ...