Sunday, March 9, 2008

How did your cat handle the time change?

I call Camilla, "Alarm Cat," (see collage, below) because she is so unerring in waking me up in the morning, precisly at 6:00 a.m. I go downstairs to the kitchen, feed her--the centerpiece of her mechanical system--and put my brown rice in the automatic cooker and push a button. Today, when we "sprang forward" with our clocks, Camilla knew in her gray body that I was wrong when I got up an hour early to perform our morning ritual. Amazing, our little charges. Who's in charge, anyway?
Smart--common-sensical creatures!

Since the weather is not cooperating and we are back to glazed bird baths and icy patches in parking lots, I have turned the heat on again. Just now, when I wanted her to join me upstairs, she preferred her wooden bench in the kitchen because it is located directly over the baseboard heating.

Smart cat!

I may need to lure her away with a blanket on the get the
companionship I am expecting, hoping for, begging for!

Expecting? Listen to me!

Sometimes we think we are calling the shots with our animals--cats or
dogs--but they are natural leaders. They assess us and gradually direct our daily activities to fit their needs, although we prefer to think we are controlling things. Just now, she has promised to watch televison with me if I get the blanket, then perform a trick, leaping for a feather on a stick! Gotta go perform now to get my way!

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