Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did your Mother ever say...

"Life is but one dog more?" Mine did. It used to annoy me, for some reason. I suppose that I was fearful of her leaving me. But for her, it was true. There came a time when there were no more dogs, and she died. This is childish logic...but I bring it up because somehow dog and cat lovers feel this way. We always want one in our lives.

They give us love; we give them love. Very simple...

For me, it has been a succession of cats--Quila, Nikko, Samantha, and, ah! Misty! I remember after Nikko died there was a hole in my soul. My partner was on travel when I said to myself, "I have love to give; I am getting a kitten!" I brought her home on a chill day in the Fall of 2000. Of course, we both loved her. Here she is (above) after having unwrapped a Christmas gift was simply funny and she looks so guilty!

Misty invented a game...

Getting into the bath tub and peeking out, then ducking behind the shower curtain again. It went on for minutes until we were both exhausted. There she is, waiting to pounce on me!

Does your cat play a game like this? I would like to know!

Some years later, around 2005, Misty and Jacuzzi (another wonderful cat who adopted us) moved in with my son, David, in Oella, where she resides now--very happily.

The other night when I had dinner with David in Oella, she appeared on the steps and put her head between the railings--just like the Misty I remember. It took my breath away! Still beautiful at eight years old, still able to put me into a reverie of time and place. My current love is Camilla, but Misty will always be in my heart.

I think my Mother was right after all!

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