Sunday, May 4, 2008

What does your cat think of you--really?

Sunday Morning with Camilla

I was wondering if our cats frequently size us up--then further--what they really think about us as we move through the day, largely ignoring them, perhaps giving them a pat on the head now and then...then remembering at some point...OH! there is supposed to be "quality play time."

It occurred to me this morning when I presented the favorite toy--feather-on-a-stick--to my cat, Camilla, that she was simply humoring me!

She looks almost least, sphinx-like in her bordeom: "Aw come on...get that dumb feather out of my face!"

But, I don't. Now, with the camera in hand--and the feather/stick in the other--I can't stop myself from pursuing this little play exercise! Am I taking advantage of her sweetness?

She takes a swipe at the feather, then turns away, perhaps wondering when I am going to give up this silly game and just go downstairs and make breakfast.

Why don't you play with me when I want you to?

As you can see, Camilla is playing with the feather now on some level, but her eyes aren't in it, are they? Maybe she is thinking:

"OK, I'll take a shot at this, though I wish it were something more alive, you know...OR if I play with her for a minute, maybe she'll give up this whole camera exercise and just leave me alone!"

I am writing this because I think we need to engage our pets more frequently, letting them tell us when they want to play. So, now, it's time to give this up and eat!


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading about C

Anonymous said...

Always a delight to read about Camilla. We might be very surprised if we knew what our pets were thinking.