Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mad About Camilla

So...Is Camilla an obsession? I don't know. You decide. I love her and I think she loves me, although I know about these primal urges to be fed and stay warm. I seem to have a cat without boundaries--and I have so many.

But when it comes to Camilla, all is well. She can follow me anywhere, and does. Here, she seems to speak her mind. Or is it a yawn? Hard to tell. I was about to water a small rose plant when she intervened and said something. Sounded like "brrrrr..." the sound distinguishing this breed.

Where else does Camilla go during the day? And does it seem as if I carry my camera around just to photograph her? Here she is looking out the kitchen window at the bird feeder. She is an indoor cat, so I just say "dream on!" Or ask her what she is thinking...

Such a beautiful form...from any angle! Camilla from above looks like a sleek seal.
But she likes beef...actually, she looks a little beefy.

When I am working at my desk, she is either on it, lying in an open drawer, or in a nearby basket that contains 25 years of poetry seeking revision.

Quite often, I draw Camilla "live." In fact, almost every day, she is the subject of a drawing or watercolor. Here is one such product. There are many others.

Finally, what happens at night? Cats like to "go under," as I call it. This is how Camilla looked last night in the process of disappearing under a blanket. Like the seasons, Camilla will repeat these appealing poses every day, and I will be right here with her, documenting our days and nights together.

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Anonymous said...

Like the change of the masthead. Camilla seems to be very tolerant of the camera. Most of my animal friends would head in the opposite direction when they saw me approach with one.