Friday, January 9, 2009

Camilla's "Little Friend" or Not?

I must admit that I have been sponsoring this friendship, in part, through food enabling. But it is Winter and when Camilla doesn't finish her food (you know, too old, crusty, not the right kind), I dump the remains out on a stone ledge outside the kitchen window.

Her friend's name is unknown to me, but I know where he lives and it takes considerable effort to prance down the hill to my place.

Now, they do look longingly at each other, which may signal a desire to touch, to mate...but I doubt it. After all, they are just animals.

One warm day when I opened a screen door, the cats had an opportunity to be very close...the Outdoor Begging-Food Male hissed and clawed at my dear little girl. So, for some time, I did not offer food, but just hissed back in my heart.

Somehow, the cold weather brought out my humanity, or weakness--not sure. Here he is, perhaps you know this type of guy. You know, one who seemingly is about love, but it is really the food. Think about it!
I divide people into hard and soft; then givers and takers. If the taker is really needy and aggressively so, he or she is a user.
Now, with this little Outsider, who is beautiful and mysterious, I think he is street-smart and a taker, a hard taker. Oh, my third category is good art or bad art. Since he has a magnificent silouhette, he is definitely good art!
Try this with your animal friends, anywhere on the
environmental ladder, and see how it plays out!

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