Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Camilla said "NO!"

Cats are, in the language of New Agers, "pure source energy." This seems to mean that cats and other animals are simple and direct thinkers or, rather, intuitors.

This morning, I gave Camilla half a can of salmon "feast" and she turned her nose up and walked away...refused to eat any of it. I waited, then said, "You are right, Camilla. It has chemicals in it."

Camilla just sat on her little blue bench until I made
a move to correct the error. I got another can out of the kitchen cupboard, then snapped it open.

It was ocean whitefish feast with no chemicals--so she said, without saying, "Well, that's more like it, Mom!"
You remember the commercial that ended with "Look! She's eating..." It was good marketing, still is!

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