Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Spring Again!

Through the screen door with feeling!
The demeanor of the neighborhood cats seems softer and gentler in this early Spring heat with a blanket of green pollen.
It's Spring again, and birds on the wing again.
Perhaps it is just me, pining for youth. Whatever.
This morning, "Little Friend" appeared and Camilla just stared and stared. They usually end up hissing, but it has been calmer lately between felines and I have taken note of it in this documentary series.

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John Milton Wesley said...


Dear Kay:

Was just forwarded your piece on Denee Barr by Denee. Great piece, and thanks for the mention. I too think Denee is a remarkable talent whose work in a variety of media media, I have seen flourish over the 35 years I have lived in Columbia.

She is a multi-media artist in our midst, with a body of work to prove it and she is still producing. I look forward to sharing our (first) brief collaboration for the Howard County Center for the Arts "Open Mic" event, and look forward to working more with her in the future.

All the best,
John Milton Wesley