Monday, May 4, 2009

Camilla on the table...real v. art

A few days ago in late April, the weather
soared to nearly 90 degrees. Coupled with high humidity as well as grass and tree pollen, Camilla said it was nearly unbearable. I realized how she repeats certain sleeping positions from season to season. The unfurled gray wonder is the hot weather version.

I drew this last summer when Camilla
sprawled on the same kitchen table.

Right now, Camilla is sleeping on a rug in my office.
A couple letters from a baby shower last August had mysteriously popped out of a dresser drawer, but not of sufficient number to spell either CAT or HAT.

So, Camilla--not being a speller--is content to sleep, you know, where it's AT! Aw, do I take advantage of her good nature. Sure, I do!

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