Friday, October 2, 2009

Camilla wants to be loved, not owned...

At Peace, but with Sticker Shock
After recent travel, I received a set of luggage labels from AMEX that say: Property of Kay Weeks. Now, it is my view that perhaps with the exception of luggage, we of the human variety mostly argue about ownership and who will go to heaven--or not.

Bringing this idea home, but only briefly, look how dismayed Camilla appears when I put one of these ownership labels on her and laughed. Now, I realize it isn't funny...she just wants me to be here for her, WITH HER! Well, sorry, but I feel an increasing need to SEE & DO before I go to heaven--or not. I love you, Camilla! You are my soul mate, and it took so long to find you. Now, go eat your lovely meal. A continuous hunger, she has...
October 2, 2009

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