Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diogenes should have met Camilla!

When Sally Met Harry, Redux...

You know, Diogenes walking with his lamp looking for the one true man...well, he never found him, but only dogs. He died, disillusioned. Not me. We all look, but only some FIND. The wandering philosopher should have met this British Short Hair (or Russian Blue) who seemed to come into my life obliquely, after I had been trying to find a dog at the Howard Country Adoption Center. Camilla's former name was Samantha, and I had had a great cat named Samantha, as well Nikko, and Misty and Jacuzzi. But Camilla is my soul mate; she accepts me for who I am, but likes Fancy Feast. It is an equitable trade, as trades go.

She looks kind of sexy
here with these half-closed
eyes, but was really trying
to sleep when I decided
she was ART!

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