Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who comes to my back door?

Camilla is always first in most every way. I feed her first, brush her, hold her. Just look at that face: Wise! Calm! And here, with those lidded eyes, sleepy!

But I must admit, there ARE others. For example, whoever came up with that term, "slug-a-bed" is wrong. The slugs are the most industrious creatures who frequent the area outside my back door. They are always first and may be usurped my tougher creatures, and when that happens, I never see it. The slug just disappears.

Then, a couple cats appear--one, black and white--is my favorite. He lets me pet him...or her. I just call him LITTLE FRIEND. He eats Camilla leftovers, and whatever I put out there, in a container or on the concrete. So sweet! Yesterday, a raccoon appeared, ate out of the dish, then quickly vanished. No photograph. And it's a good thing. Just let life know.

Not everything wants to be photographed and put into a BLOG!

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