Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Cat: Camilla in her chair

Camilla--and a few others--did not like the Buddha anaology (collage), so I offer her up as a drawing, with love and respect.

What the Cat Knows

The cat holds her tongue
The cat holds onto my life.
See she is trying to tell you
Who I am when everyone is gone?
See how she claws at trousers
Glares at skirts
Paces the long hall
Clutching my secrets in her mouth?
Once I tried to curl up
On the floor and talk it out with her
But the soft purr turned to rage
And she maimed the mouse in me.
Since then there’s been this crazy silence
Around the house
Except for an endless scratching at the door
And her raking sound won’t stop I know
Until everyone knows what the cat knows.

Kay Weeks 1977 Camilla in Chair, 2008

All for now...


Anonymous said...

Ah Princess Camilla,even your own mistress and would be confidant doesnt recognize the royal robes. You are very fortunate to have a servant as faithful as Kay. If
I ever make the trip from Kansas to Ellicott City I will bring a treat fit for a queen and an autograhed picture of Dorothy...HARVE NEWLIN

Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Camilla is charmed and charming. I like the poetry too!

Coastcard said...

I love both the painting and the poem, Kay.

I think Camilla is smiling silently now. Don't cats have a great way of making their likes and dislikes, their fads and fancies known to the rest of us?