Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are what you love...

So what do you love?
I asked this question of myself several years
ago. Since then, the list has lengthened.
But this is a Camilla post. She loves, or tolerates, needs She loves her
treats, watching birds, sleeping wherever I am.

She used to LOVE her mouse, but
recently, I have become pre-occupied
or lazy (doesn't matter) and don't
play with her as much. Now, I
need to move away from this fun time
and attend to my feline friend!

January 14, 2010


Harve Newlin said...

It is amazing how attached we become to our pets. When my birddog Mike died I cried for two days. We hunted quail together for eight wonderful years. I buried Mike on the site where he pointed his first covey. It was a long sad drive home......Harve

Coastcard said...

Great post, great cat (yes, you know you are, Camilla!) ... and great mouse art, Kay!