Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Give it up and move on...

Try not talking for awhile...

This is Camilla's advice about hanging on to Christmas, her stocking...but the tree stays in my kitchen because it is alive, joyful, and makes me smile. Actually, the stocking remained empty, but I bought her some special cat food for $1.00 a pop. She smiled.

As far as the missing poems go, she advised me to GET OVER IT, push for a peaceful transformation, and reminded me of something I wrote many years ago, and the person wasn't really an enemy at all:

Peace Talks

For a long time
We acted like small warriors
With big shields.
We fought every battle,
Launched useless statements.
Suffered our losses.

Then one day,
While looking for new weapons
In the hollow of a page,

We found something else.
Speechless, you dropped your armor.
I let my sharp syllables fall to the ground.
Nouns collapsed.
Verbs became gentle
As a rusty cannon on a hill.

We even wondered if we should fire
Sound itself into the wind.

So that is where we are now,
Standing perfectly still, facing each other.
Dear enemy, I will say no more.
But do you hear me?
I am pleading behind closed lips
You won’t wound our silence
With a single word.

Kay Weeks
1970 on Whidbey Island, WA

1/5/10 Mysterious Camilla with blurry lights


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Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Fun photo...Go Camilla!

Coastcard said...

A great post and arresting poem, Kay. What an amazing stocking: did you make it, I wonder?