Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She's most always watching me...

Stop making coffee
& give me a treat!

These past weeks have been difficult for most, with the snow pile up back yard area is a disaster, with broken and squashed bushes, dirty snow with bird seed everywhere (my doing), but in the middle of the mess: The birds, playing happily, ducking into new holes in the bushes, and singing brightly!

Almost every day, I open the back door to let Camilla sit on a chair and look out. This is the only time she doesn't watch me, and is just a cat! I long for her catness...and my what? Ability to get outside and not freeze, I think! Today! Centennial Lake! Dare I? Winter has made us lose confidence. Well, up with it! Right now!

I think I want to find my lost self, wherever it is, under that pile of snow. In the interim, there's always more coffee! And another
poem. Just wrote this one.

Three Meals & a Conclusion (4 Haiku)


That bird looking in
sharply speaking to us, says,
"What happens to love?"


Breakfast, then lunch now,
a repetition of words.
The bird has flown on.


Dark, the bird returns,
watches our loose mouths, chewing,
with eyes straight ahead.


Is this haiku yet?
Well, it's about Nature, yes?
With the birdsong gone.



Coastcard said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post, K & C! One strong flurry of snow today - and then it was gone here.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this poem. These four clearly belong together. A wonderful picture of nature observing the relationship of two or more of us going through the motions and wondering "what is that all about. " Nature returns at dark and the scene repeats itself. Life but no love, no song. Very sad. In our boxes we have lost the music of nature.. What did happen to love?