Monday, February 8, 2010

Camilla has cabin fever...

...but is thankful for the birds,
the window, & the heart-yarn toy!
It is now early Monday morning,
after the blizzard
of 2010, and the side streets here
in Ellicott City Historic District
are still treacherous, looking more
like frozen icecaps than pavement.

And too, we are weary of being indoors.
The good cat food is now gone; I am now
reduced to turkey soup and arugula.

But, on a positive note!
Looking out at those busy birds getting the last remnants
of seed from the feeder...and on the ground! This beautiful
red cardinal made me go running for my camera,
taking the photo
through glass and screen.

At dusk on the 6th, it was over.
The clouds came in against blue and coral;
trees were ebony swords poking skyward...
Two birds birds
on a wire with
another close by, at peace after
the driving snow, made
me feel the same way.
Who knows...
...from this bright ending,
what has already begun?


Coastcard said...

Camilla is such a show-stealer ... and what a magnificent Red Cardinal, too. It looked particularly good when I clicked to enlarge.

You have clearly enjoyed the snow, Kay, but are, I sense, ready for a return to normality.

Denee Barr Art News and More said...


Anonymous said...

Kay..dont know how I missed this blog. I am backed up about 90 e-mails because of computer problems.It has been a long winter here in Kansas. Nothing like this in past 50 years. Afew days ago I saw a cardinal and a bluejay arguing over turf in a wild plum tree. The smaller cardinal did not back off. Spring is right around the corner. Cant wait to get my flowers beds planted.

By the way, I loved the last Haiku ( or four Haikus ) you sent. Give Camilla a hug or whatever she wants. Not sure cats are into hugs. Harve

Marc Latham said...

Thanks for your time at the fmpoetry site Kay, and lovely site you have here.

I saw a cardinal in Ohio, and they are such bright beautiful birds.

Have a nice week!