Monday, March 8, 2010

Balloons are collapsing now...

...but there are many signs of Spring, even before the leaves appear, which is always around mid-April, if memory serves me.

After the bludgeoning snow, I notice people still look furtive and are shopping in a different way, with less confidence about the change of seasons. Here are a few photos from last year at Springtime that underscore the assurance of impending blossoms, clouds without snow, and the re-institution of color outside and in my place as well--plus more walks around nearby Lake Centennial.

Above: Camilla is thoughtfully chewing on some raffia
left over from a beautiful string of balloons left on my front porch on that February birthday.

One of the first positive signs of Spring is the arrival of
"Little Friend," a black and white cat now fully grown
outside the screen door. Sometimes it is peaceful;
other times, a few hisses from the otherwise calm Camilla.

Then, I am more apt to bring potted plants, especially daffodils
and tulips inside and try to draw and paint them. Camilla always
watches and is often a subject. Her form never disappoints me.

Finally, when the leaves dominate, walking is
great. Last year, I remember this young woman
telling me that she is building up to walking
five miles a day! A goal, for sure!

"Who knows from this bright ending, what has already begun?

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Coastcard said...

Another great post, Kay. I hope Camilla didn't eat too much balloon raffia!