Monday, April 26, 2010

Camilla: My favorite form of all

The Gray
"Gotta Have"

I draw her, paint her, and never tire of looking at her. Very simply, her form delights me and softens my outlook. She is the something I gladly return to, over and over again. Does she share my ardor? I think she is hungry...but it sure feels like love.

Just now, I said, "Camilla!"and she gave me this look. Can you decipher it? Boredom, is very early in the morning. A few minutes later, she stretched out upstairs on an office bed and is sound asleep while I chronicle her. She's the smart one!

Yesterday, it was watercolor, ink, and crayon time...from a photograph, I tried to "get at" the partial lean, the series of ovals, the fur that looks purple at times. If these studies don't turn out, and many do not, I just throw them away and start anew. I never tire of Camilla's beauty.

This morning,
she doesn't look
as blue or purple...but then,
this is a new day!

Still...and always...

April 26, 2010


Anonymous said...

I can't fathom Camilla's look but it looks like you woke her up!!

A friend in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

She is definitely human!

S. Bright, Cambridge, MD

Anonymous said...

Your painting of Camilla is wonderful.....Harve