Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tail Up...but still Camilla!

in my
OK, here's the story! I was trying to photograph Camilla's shoulders for a another Summer themed-party,
"Backsides: Mostly Shoulders,"
but she moved so I got this!

It made me laugh, so now, it is being shared with you, whose cats may also have given you "the tail" at one time or another, perhaps quite by mistake.

Then, later, Camilla went to her throne (a new chair) and got into a beautiful position...and that was about IT for the day, with many adventures in between.

A long-time friend of mine, first on Whidbey Island, now in California, Kaye Reid, said something a few months back that has stuck with me: She said, somewhat sharply, and very clearly, "I don't have to do anything, you know. I am retired." How that resonates. Fill the day with joy and minimize spending. Yeah, right!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

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