Sunday, May 30, 2010

Camilla the Real Cat v. Painted Cat

Actually, Cat Painting--watercolor, ink, sometimes crayon, but always a challenge with her many positions, sleeping and awake. When the temperature soars, Camilla may be found on this metal table--smart cat, always knowing the coolest, or warmest places.

So, this watercolor
turned into a collage,
Camilla with

Computer Mouse.

A second pose: Camilla shown sprawled on a bed.
It is an undignified form, but still, to me, a delightful form!

This is the shape as I saw it,
then quickly painted it, taking
liberties with the color, and giving
her a halo!

Having fun on May 27, 2010 Memorial Day Weekend
Kay Weeks & Camilla

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Anonymous said...

Camilla is so soft looking. Lovely from all angles.

St. Petersburg, FL