Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Past...Camilla Present

Day After and who's counting?

The blog title. Not Present as in GIFT, you understand...but omnipresent, always here, never leaves or deceives, my sweet Camilla.
She has been pulled out of a familiar "other place" and plunked in the new one--a cool one, I might add! How quickly the transition where a cat's heart is involved. She knows I love her. It is thoroughly mutual. I don't even have to ask: I feed. We feed each other.

Now, she has conquered all the new spaces and is with me in a downstairs room, THE HOLLYWOOD SHOW ROOM, which is about to have a Netflix opening. To date, I have not watched a movie down here...because I prefer my cozy upstairs small t.v. in "my room." Reading Virginia Woolf's "A Room of Her Own," in which Woolf eloquently argued that

women of an earlier era

and order to create. Her writing is so breathtaking that I have to put it down to absorb it fully. And you? Camilla isn't saying...

SO....even before the 2011 time, I am moving forward. WE are moving forward. She is the WE for me. I know it is unusual for me to say this but "I LET HER DO ALL THE TALKING!"

Thanks, Camilla! I am grateful to you.



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