Saturday, January 8, 2011

Camilla in January

-It's cold in my computer room, so (lucky you!), this blog will be short and sweet!

Camilla is best in winter, I think, when she finds a cozy spot and settles in. People have asked me whether I have "settled in," and I think to myself that phrase is more attuned to other animals circling three times, then creating a nest. Well, yes! Maybe appropriate for humans as well!

Yes, I am settled and then some. Cleaning, divesting again, constant circular energies. Like getting and spending, but more physical.

Above and right: Here she is on my bed, staring at me, those soulful eyes, "treat-wanting," strong, soulful. I give her one, of course.
Yesterday evening, I was down here in the cold computer room, and she insisted on jumping into my arms, so I held her like the friend she is. And swayed back and forth as if she were a baby. Truth to tell, she is not, nor am I. But we pretend, together, that we are invincible...and together, perhaps we can hold on to the magic for awhile.

Dear Camilla. My friend.

Kay Weeks


Danielle Woermann said...

Another sweet blog about your special relationship with your cat. So glad you have each other.
written from my laptop with my cat on my lap

Caroline Gill said...

This really touched my heart, Kay! Wishing you both all good things for 2011, and that as the creatures outside start their spring nesting, you two will also feel 'settled'. We have daffodils and Primroses out already, despite the bitter winter. The birds are singing (don't tell Camilla!) outside my window as I write this.