Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking at birds again: New Perch!

It's Spring again, almost! Oh, that much loved, familiar shape from the back--Camilla looking out a window at the birds and squirrels! It took some time to find just the right height and width "perch" for her...but yesterday, I eyeballed a kitchen stool in a nearby store; asked someone for a measuring tape; and thought my cat friend might possibly take to it, even though it is new, and in a new place! A couple cat treats helped. Then, I opened the window a crack to let the sounds (and cold air in). She was hooked.

The moment she saw a bird, her long tail, hanging over the stool top, started swaying back and forth. It made me laugh. Dear Camilla! Kay Weeks 3.30.2011


Kaye said...

Good imaginative animation. I think we need to rename her Kim or Jennifer with that backside. She is a very sexy cat.

Anonymous said...

She is Queen of the Window Seat and you are her lady-in-waiting! I hope to see her wearing a crown some time soon.

Wendy Krause
NIA friend