Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yes to Yellow, Camilla says!

In the moment? But something so exciting happened here this morning, even though it is still rainy and gray. I literally woke up and saw flowers blooming in the yard--daffodils and crocuses. Surprise! Camilla already knew, I think, but my senses were still lost somewhere in Mexico...not somewhere--Mar de Jade.

So, following her lead, I bought a bag of lemons...and reveled in the yellow!

...put some bright red tomatoes
in a blue bowl...

...and a few coral tulips in a turquoise tea pot...

and began, simply, to smile again here in this great town.

Feel the joy!

Camilla feels lighter--springier--after my trip, as Kate St. John took good care of her, not handing out too many treats.

She (Camilla, that is) jumps up on a table in the kitchen, begging, and I have to remind her that the Mother Bird does not feed the babies every time and to chill out.

Then I usually give her one anyway...

Kay Weeks
Historic Ellicott City, MD


Kaye said...

Ode to spring! Lovely...and so sweet with CPB back with her indulgent mama.

wickedwren said...

Lovely! I really like tulips. Our daffs have been badly battered by the rain, and grey grey grey... but the garden is alive with forsythia, as well as hellebores, mahonia, crocuses and daffs. And blossom is almost bursting - even on a grey day.

Anonymous said...

I loved this — daffodils and crocuses! How I miss the thrill the spring bulbs. Nothing quite like that in Florida.

Mary B.
St. Petersburg, FL