Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clouds, birds, self...Rehoboth (Late Fall)

Early morning clouds.
Dolle's sign..birds, waiting.
East to Sea (Sonnet)

I'm driving east to sea to look at clouds;
to watch the gulls and read, but mostly me
engaging with myself--not much aloud;
to walk the wind-whipped sand and simply be.

It's hard to stay "in moment," I admit,
when packs of birds, like voices, congregate.
I have to lower gaze and think a bit
about my time in life, about my fate.

When suddenly--I see explosive wings,
first huddled on some sign, now take to air!
I'm wondering if love is just a thing
that beats with frantic pace, then dies somewhere.

I bought some glasses, two for price of one
to shield my eyes from brightness of the sun.

11.27.11 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Robin Hood Cafe (breakfast)

What's a writer...without a pen?
Not sure --but it happens
over and over again.

Here, on this cloudy day
   at Rehoboth Beach,
I found one in my purse--a pen--
yet words are strangely
not within my reach.

Perhaps a sign to stop
trying to own 
this scene with words, 
but simply let it flow?

So now, with that in mind,
I'll walk down to the shore again,
pull my camera out
of its over-the-shoulder shell,
then perhaps if I don't dwell on it,
I'll just let that gull up there
become my magic eye.

Lone gull...diagonal brown grass.

Kay Weeks
November 27 & 28, 2011

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