Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ubiquitous Red Holiday Bow!

The Ubiquitous Bow

Everywhere now in the RED season—
I mean, do we need a reason
To tie it, meet it, greet it, date it?

Date, Oh... Well,  I don’t…ya’ know...but let's go!
The bow. Ribbon, plastic, EVERYWHERE the
Bow. Red bow...Touch  your toe. Take a deep breath!

Do you have a bow? Will you bow for it?

How about a beau? A friend has one, I know. I’m all for that!  Jack Spratt ate no fat…I'm eating chicken soup.
Organic veggies...diversion...

Bo Bo, Let's GO! 
Bo Derek, Bow tie, Bojangles, Bodiddly,
Get out the fiddle and let’s play, “Riu Riu Chiu”

And then say, there’s Botox, Bo, Bo, Little Bo Peep,
Liz Bobo, 

I had a beau, but I was fit to be tied
All the time, so no more, no mas, no more or less.
No mess...

Let's see now…Everywhere the RED bows. Bo, Bo, Beau…
It's agreed upon, kind of an ethic, it says "Merry...Holiday..."
Buy me, try me, Let's have a drink me. But think about it...

It seems so simple, but kind of frantic, Everyone
with the same

I ran out of rhymes, but took a break. For heaven's sake,
I'm back now. Cut me some slack. 

Look at all these bows. Oops...Typed blows…blow it out,
Blow your nose, bow out, bow down, tie me up
With a red ribbon, and let me go!

ONLY 20 more shopping days until, you know,

Camilla has doubts...

Camilla says NO!


Danielle Woermann said...

alright! a new version of not really bah humbug but give up the red bows. I like it. Merry, merry anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!!! Words AND pics!!!!

I WANT the house on the hill! (5th pic down.) Do you know its history??? Has to have a good one!

Best wishes for a peaceful and happy winterfest!


Pat Watson

Anonymous said...



Newport Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

I loved it but with so much of the same decoration some might be a bit bowed by it all....Harve in Hanoi