Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloomed (A Sonnet)


So slow to bloom and now so fast to fade!

My Amaryllis standing three-feet tall

goes conjuring those promises we made:

Longevity--predictor of the fall.

How we wished we could hold on to youth,

humorous when scrutinized by light!

The plaintive cry of dove is more the truth,

so let that flower pierce our blinded sight.

We want it; drink it in; empty the cup.

Swift-gone, imagining the empty pot,

my bulb in paper brown and cozied up

in some dark cellar, yes, like it or not!

Lamenting isn’t going to change a thing;

He knelt and kissed my hand, planting the ring.

Kay Weeks



Anonymous said...

reminds me of a 17th C metaphysical poem. i like it. lora

Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

Kay, this is beautiful! xx

Harve Newlin
Vietnam and Kansas

Anonymous said...

Caroline Gill said, via Facebook:

"Powerful, Kay."

Anonymous said...

Wendy Webb said, via Facebook:

"The painting is so hopeful."

Anonymous said...

Jesus, you're good.

Love, K

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Anonymous said...

Really captures the feeling of impermanence and beauty!

Peggy Handler
San Francisco