Saturday, March 3, 2012

Attractions (poem)

Cultivar: Fabiola
Family: Verbenaceae
Common name: Lantana

  Plunging deep into the nectar,
but avoiding the foliage (fragrant,
evergreen, poisonous),

this butterfly 
like some zooming bee
connects me
to my past when I played
King on the Mountain
with Emmett Moore and the boys
in their jeans and striped t-shirts,
on a rolling lawn (watch the sprinklers)
just off Mountain Street in
Glendale, California
With one difference
(could but will not lie):

     I rarely achieved that
yellow-orange and golden
butterfly moment
with wings unfurled to sky.  

Simply, they threw me down the hill
and I was never King or Queen
of any mountain. No matter—
Today, I capture the Lantana
fragrance even living in the East.

    So when I see that plant
in front of a real estate office
in nearby Catonsville—growing in a pot—
I look both ways,
then always pick a flower,
hold it in my hand, then roll
it between my fingers, wait a moment...
and leisurely drink it in. 

Kay Weeks,  February 2012 
And shared on 3.3.2012 
Thanks to Lora Robertson and Caroline Gill.


Kay Weeks said...
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Caroline Gill said...

A simply beautiful post, Kay, with fabulous photos. I'm hono(u)red for the mention, but totally undeserving!