Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shadows, Smiles & Love

Dark, light, skeletal forms at Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Beach. Real Blogger.
 As you may have noticed, I love shadows--shadows on the floor, shadows of tree limbs, shadows of myself walking. For some reason, the shadow holds mystery and defines form as well, but a kind of second-hand form.  

I asked our amazing jazz vocalist, Denee Barr, to sing "The Shadow of your smile," and now, frankly, I am a bit stymied--don't know what to do with it in terms of remembering friends and time that have passed, but are still in my heart.

I don't want the emphasis to be romantic, although the song surely is. I don't want to show grave markers that indicate a REAL passage of time.

Lake Centennial. Crossing a bridge.
So, this will be somewhat abstract, and perhaps that defines me at this stage of the 'life situation.'  More than ever, I don't care about tangible objects and real things. I am drifting upward, slowly, into ether and spirit. 

I don't want to dwell on things negative or self demeaning. So here goes...When we cross a bridge and follow the shadow as well as the path, we are on a journey into reality as well as the self.
Walk with me.

Lyrics, music, Denee!

The shadow of your smile
When you are gone
Will color all my dreams
And light the dawn
Look into my eyes, my love, and see
All the lovely things you are to me

A wistful little star
Was far too high
A tear drop kissed your lips and so did I

Now when I remember spring
All the joy that love can bring
I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile...

Family experienced, or not.
Another bridge or the same one?
How will we be remembered in time?
Steps at the end of a walk--that's all.

Now when I remember spring

All the love that joy can bring
I will be remembering...

What lies beyond the rail. Is that water or another dimension?

The shadow of your smile...

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 Kay Weeks & Denee Barr.


Anonymous said...

very cool.Harve

Anonymous said...

I also love "I'll be seeing you...

Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Almost Spring!
p.s. Great play on the shadows images

Anonymous said...

I liked this a lot. What great pictures!

Kaye in California

Anonymous said...

Really fine - I have always been drawn to shadows, in nature and art

Anonymous said...

Continued comment:

So anyway, what I wanted to say, in a longer form here, is that I have been intrigued and captivated by shadows all my life. In fact I have an early memory of watching shadows of leaves on my wall while standing in my crib. I was probably 2 or maybe 3 years old. We moved out of that house when I was three and I was maybe sleeping in the crib til we moved.

Mary Berglund
St. Petersburg, FL