Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rising above form (poem)

above form

Beyond the brackets,
that hold us in place
                                              like a bra
                                           cinched too tight
                                             around the ribs,
I want to burst out of form
right now, hold my arms out
east and west
and point my beak to north...
Feel wings sprout,
so feathery light, but strong...

then feel them carry me
slowly toward the unknown sky,
above the lingering clouds
from yesterday,
and beyond this foggy night
into morn. Bellmoor Inn; heading home from Rehoboth Beach, DE...2.24.12


Anonymous said...

morning kaydi... this reminds me of a poem i wrote about soaring over land on the back of my father incarnated as a bird. when i find that poem, i'll send it to you.

cheers, lora

Anonymous said...

I can really FEEL this one!!


Anonymous said...

GO GIRL, SOAR for all of us!! I really like this one, Kay-di

Love, Dodie