Monday, April 9, 2012

Leslie of the Magical Vision

Leslie on a sled.

It's Leslie Lewart I'm talking about, of Ellicott City Historic District force and visionary of longstanding.  Rather than talk at length about her involvement in several great businesses over time (THE WELL is within my time frame in this area and was so we all miss it!), I decided to write a poem about Leslie's incredible ability to visualize, and across the board.  Exterior and interior--spiritual interior...all. 
that zig-zagging precision!
OH! Well now!
You think it’s easy?
maybe simple? No way!
          It’s   IN   EV   I   TA  BLE!
What it is--that is--
        Leslie’s vision.
Now, I mean no derision
by this rappin’ rhythm...
But think it’s just so cool to see
sing     sing   SING
in her magical garden
With the shrubs, the stones, benches
flowers, lanterns and intersecting rings...

You can’t imagine
 LESLIE’s garden, such a thing
of beauty:  It just sings!
Inside, in her kitchen,
I saw these magical shelves
and thought
THE ELVES had tailored them!

It's an Only Leslie Look
so you can't define it, OR refine it...

That combo-platter, seemingly so casual
and definitely elegant LESLIE!
But just you try it!  Good luck!

Back to the story!
This past Saturday,
when I was visiting,

One pink glass  on the 
magical shelf called
out to me to fill it with

Some Pinot Grigio
and take it outside to the
magical porch to sip with friends!

But guess what? A little more story...

Before I knew it,
those shelves
were calling me back
to the kitchen...and...
Speaking to me
in a language loud and clear
"PUT IT BACK, please...
      Yes, BACK! The Glass!"

                    Me asking "Why?"   (sorry not grammatical)

"Because now you’ve caused a hole
in the Leslie dynamic, 
           you know, a lack in the stack

And worst of all, you've
upset the magical shelves (Yes, we are her Spirit Elves)


More about Leslie Lewart: 
    "Though Leslie's original training and work was in counseling, her creativity and love for antiques and history led her to a calling in the design world. For almost 20 years now Leslie has been designing, decorating and creating beautiful spaces.  Leslie operated Rugs to Riches, a unique retail design business in Ellicott City, Maryland for over 15 years. After closing the store in 2005 she began offering her design services privately to her clients. Post Rugs to Riches, Leslie also designed and helped open The Well, a community space for Yoga and The Healing Arts in Ellicott City, MD.  Leslie has experience in many settings such as, private homes, staging, businesses, restaurants, and building and renovation projects. Leslie's designs have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and television. When designing, Leslie's goal is to create a space that her client's can fully resonate with on all levels. 
    "Living in a space you love can give you  the harmony and joy you've been looking for."
Rehoboth frog, Feb. 2012.

Some photos, courtesy of Leslie Lewart; some are mine. Ownership is not cited.

Need to hear Leslie's Cardinals talk and sing!

Kay Weeks
April 9, 2012

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog on Leslie. Its wonderful! :)

Kate St. John
Ellicott City, MD