Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a Lazy Afternoon...

...and, although it's still dark on April 16th, 2012, I started humming this song an hour ago, then listened to June Christy singing it--all the while saying the haunting lyrics out loud to myself--Do you know them? 

And the beetle bugs are zooming,
And the tulip trees are blooming,
And there's not another human in view,
But us two…

Yesterday at the Lake, it was just such a lazy, hazy time, but so early for it. Mid-April!

I saw all the people doing all the typical things, such as jogging, walking, picnicking, but was not watching them.

I was looking at the water, and, at the same time, listening to BIRD songs, then trying to find the birds...they were all about, and the real bird-watchers had their binoculars. I just pointed the camera and kept walking, for the most part.

Finally, when I realized the birds were not going to come out from their spring activities, I concentrated on geese, ducks, trees, fishermen & fisherwomen (fisher people?) and always, the water.

It's a lazy afternoon.
And the farmer leaves his reaping,
And the meadow cows are sleeping,
And the speckled trout stop leaping up stream.
As we dream.
A far pink cloud hangs over the hill
unfolding like a rose...

I thought it was a bird.

Exploded cat tail.

If you hold my hand, and sit real still,
you can hear the grass as it grows.
It's a hazy afternoon.
And I know a place that's quiet,
'cept for daisies running riot,
And there's no one passing by it…to see.
Come spend this lazy afternoon with me.

More about the song, It's a Lazy Afternoon.

From The Golden Apple  with music by Jerome Moross and lyrics by John Treville Latouche. The musical premiered Off-Broadway in 1954 and then transferred to Broadway.

Centennial Lake, Columbia, Maryland
Content/photos: Kay Weeks
April 16, 2012



Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice. I love 'your' birds.

Enjoy Spring.

Cheers, Lora

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - I especially like the black and white with the patch of green...- it all almost looks like August!

Cindi Ryland
Ellicott City, MD

Anonymous said...

The pictures and the poetry were almost as good as being there with you. They were complimentary. The poetry set the mood of a wonderful afternoon. The pictures allowed me to join you for a few hours. Wonderful! Harve in Hanoi

Anonymous said...

Great old song and wonderful accompaniment by your photos. June Christie...OMG that is a name from the past as well. D

San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

...mmm... it's tempting !

Michael J. Auer