Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May!

                                          ASLEEP or AWAKE:  It’s May


I tossed and turned
all night
thinking of
that salad spinner—
and infinite pain.

Passing through

One by one
I’m cutting
those velour pants
I hate
into cleaning rags.


The cats—
while feeding them
just now,
and washing
last night’s dishes,
I wondered
how we’ll die.


My phone
is fully charged,
and I “pray”
it won’t ring.

Last Friday

That woman,
you know, the one
who made demands—
Did she remind
you of your Mother,
or of me?

 Up early

All those bills
come due today,
and I am about to pay them.
What a fool…

Dry spring

Turned off  the heat now.
outlook bright—a week of rain!
Now, that’s a good thing!


Better build that ark today,
Or we’ll drown.

Content and Photos: 
Kay Weeks
5.1.12  and Keeping it Simple. 

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