Friday, June 22, 2012

60 Laps Make a Mile

60 Laps Make a Mile

My mind swims with thoughts
of swimming laps
in the Naval Academy pool--
Olympic length--
and on my back the entire way. 

Sixty laps I think,
although it doesn’t matter now,
how many made a mile.

The part I liked was moving
away from the thinking brain,
through my chlorine haze...

Up and beyond 
the roof’s patterned skylight
framing me, 
and into those clouds:
Just disappearing for awhile.

Kay Weeks, poem & Margaret Scott, drawing
June Collaboration, 6.22.12



Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Being in the water is great therapy for the mind, body, and spirit. The words and illustration in this posting come beautifully together.

Anonymous said...

I remember those 30 laps just looking at that line at the bottom of the pool. Damn boring.
Don't forget to watch the Olympic trials for track and field starting today on TV.

San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Anne G.

Anonymous said...

neat, says this non-swimmer, as she wishes she had learned to do so... lora

Anonymous said...

I love this one - before my broken arm, I swam a mile or so every other day, year 'round - never at the Naval Academy, although I know the pool - had to swim 72 laps for a mile - and yes, I totally know the chlorine haze and "disappearing..."

cindi ryland,