Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Day at Rehoboth (Sonnet)

Caught the sunrise, thinking, “I could share!”
The sky, rain-cleared, is what we need to see!
An older man walks by with rigid stare,
Straight-forward, missing all, including me.

I wonder if I lived here all the time
If worries would consume my gait, this walk?
Or is this love affair with you sublime
Because these subtle moments cannot talk?

More honest, I suppose, is where I look—
The gulls, a robin, and those sulking crows,
Predictors of the day—and oh, the book!
And where my heart lands firmly, heaven knows.

I hold these times alone in high regard,
But time to leave now, got to cut the yard.

Written on 5.20.12
Kay Weeks  and posted on 6.15.12 

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